Solar energy kombucha

Solar energy

Brewed using solar energy

We brew our kombucha using solar energy, so that we can provide you with a healthy drink that doesn’t negatively affect our planet. Join the wave and help us reduce our collective ecological footprint!

  • the smart energy
  • 40 solar production
  • 26.6 tons emissions prevented each year
  • 34.7 acress of forest saved annually

Improves digestive health

  • CDHF
  • Contains millions of live probiotic culture
  • 8 to 10g - Low amount of sugar per bottle
  • Made from natural ingredients


By choosing our kombucha, you are helping to change the world. HOW?

Simply by making space for our environmentally friendly products in your life.

Good for you and the planet

  • zero plastic
  • 97% minimum - Organic Ingredients
  • New wave of great-tasting kombucha
  • Creating product that are good for body and mind


Give’s you the chance to make a better choice for the environment