5 Reasons Why You Should Drink Kombucha Post-Workout

You’ve done it: you’ve pushed yourself to the limit with a workout for the ages. Tired, thirsty, sweaty… all you want is to guzzle the nearest sports drink to recover. But what if you reached for a bottle of kombucha instead? 

Packed with nutritional benefits, kombucha is the ultimate natural post-workout drink. Here’s why:

Kombucha rehydrates

No matter the activity – hiking, paddling, gardening, whatever – you’ve got to stay hydrated during and after a workout in order to replace the fluids lost from the body when you sweat. That said, water alone may not always be enough. 

Kombucha offers a healthy alternative to artificial sports drinks: organic and natural ingredients with no added artificial sweeteners or colour, it combines hydration and health with great taste! In fact, kombucha not only hydrates your body, but helps you recover faster from your workout. 

Kombucha replenishes 

When you sweat, you lose important electrolytes.  Hydrating with water is good, but replenishing your electrolytes while hydrating is better. 

Kombucha contains naturally-occurring energizing enzymes, electrolytes, antioxidants and acids, which all contribute to helping the body with the post-workout recovery process and aiding hydration.

Kombucha refuels 

Kombucha is rich with antioxidants, primed to help combat free-radicals produced during exercise.

Kombucha revitalizes

By balancing intestinal flora (beneficial gut bacteria), kombucha may also help boost your immune system, improve digestion and augment nutrient absorption – just what your body needs to recover after a tough workout!

Kombucha rewards 

Great taste aside, bubbly booch offers so many health benefits, it’s like you won the lottery! Low in sugar, rich in probiotics and chock full of nutritional benefits, it’s an organic  alternative to fizzy, sugary drinks.

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