Feeling ALIVE & living your best life

At ALIVE Kombucha, we believe in connection. The connection between our mental and physical selves, the connection between humans and nature, the connection between emotion and wellness. Our core philosophy of connection is what we are all about in the form of a new wave of great-tasting kombucha.

ALIVE Solar Kombucha harnesses the power of the sun to create a beverage full of millions of live probiotic cultures and delicious organic ingredients to fulfill our philosophy of MindBodyLife, a trifecta of wellness.   

When one element is out of balance, all are affected. That’s why it’s so important to take care of our mental, physical and natural selves.


Mental and physical health are intrinsically linked: when you nourish yourself with nutrient-rich food and drink, you boost your state of mental and emotional well-being. Life seems brighter, you sleep better, you can live in the moment and appreciate the skin you’re in. 

Love yourself, be mindful of the present and express gratitude for all that you have and the wonderful people in your life. These may seem like little things, but they are ever so important when it comes to cultivating a healthier and happier you!


If you neglect your physical health, your overall wellbeing falls out of whack. When you consider that your gut (or digestive system) regulates your mood, immune system and nutrient absorption, it only makes sense to fuel up on probiotic-rich choices to improve digestive health. 

Made from a minimum of 97% organic ingredients, our kombucha  contain millions of live probiotic cultures to promote good gut health. ALIVE kombucha makes for a tasty, calorie-wise beverage that’ll quench your thirst and help you feel good in all sorts of ways! 


We are natural beings, with the natural environment as an extension of our body and our consciousness. Preserving and connecting with nature is essential to establishing balance between the mind and body.

Feel ALIVE with every sip of our organic solar brew and live your best life, knowing that in the great scheme of things, we are all connected. 

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