How solar fuels your soul

The sun is the brightest star in our solar system. It brightens our day, nourishes our physical and mental body, provides warmth, and is an everlasting source of energy. Without it, life would not exist on our planet. The sun animates our physical existence and nourishes our spiritual self with a vitality we can’t deny.

Celestial Sustenance 

Feeling low? Spend time in the sun to recharge, like a solar panel gleaning the sun’s power to transform it into energy.  

Connect to the clear energy source for your life: the warm and loving energy of the sun.  Visualize the energy from the sun coming into your body and filling your body and cells with rejuvenating light.

Be mindful of its radiance and harness the power of the present moment; receive the sun’s healing energy with gratitude

Welcome the potent power of the sun into your awareness first thing every morning: bring the healing warmth of the sun into your heart, knowing that every day is new and full of potential. 

Natural, unlimited, and renewable, the sun is the ultimate source of pure energy. Drink the sunlight, everyday!

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