Why Everyone Should Medidate

Meditation is an ancient practice that can do your body, mind, and entire existence a whole lot of good. For some, it’s a real life-changer. When you consider that people have been doing it for over 3,000 years, there must be something to it!

Why Meditate?

To reduce stress or improve focus, to strengthen relationships with those around you or simply to become a better version of yourself: whatever the reason, practicing meditation will help you to connect to a place of inner strength and quite possibly transform your life. Here’s why:

Meditation boosts empathy

By calming the nervous system and expanding your inner awareness, you become more in touch with your own emotions, as well as those of others around you.  

Meditation is a powerful stress-buster

Practicing meditation is a natural way to mitigate your body’s stress response and to physically relax. By focussing your attention on the here and now, you declutter your mind  leading to a state of deep relaxation and tranquility. 

Meditation promotes emotional health and well-being

Meditation helps us become more aware of the thoughts that drive our emotions and actions. A practice that focuses on gratitude fuels positive energy, bringing you joy and happiness.  

Meditation brings you into the moment

 Meditation trains the mind to “not dwell in the past or contemplate about the future.” It allows your mind to settle in the “now”, opening us up to appreciate the beauty of the present.

To this, add how meditation improves concentration, performance, self-esteem, relieves depression, boosts memory….and the list goes on!

Remember: there is no such thing as a good or bad meditation, there is only awareness or non-awareness. If ever you become distracted, return your focus to your breathing. Practice makes perfect! 

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